AUGIENB Portable Ozone Generator Air Purifier Ozonizer Sterilizer Remove Odors Disinfection

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-Capable of emitting up to 28 million negative ions per second. The rate of removing formaldehyde is up to 99.2% and the rate of removing staphylococcus albus is up to 99.91%.
-Helps reduce household odors, remove smoke, and Pet Smells, providing cleaner and fresher air in your home. Suitable for bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, warehouse,etc.
-No filter required, eco-friendly, never worry about replacing an expensive air filter again.
-Portable and lightweight, take up little space, easy to carry with when travelling.

Noise: ≤34dB
Air Flow: 51-150m3/h
Voltage: AC 110-240V
Rated Power: 4W
Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz
Applicable Area: 330 sq/ft(30㎡)
Size: 128x128x45mm/4.72x4.72x1.77''
Weight: 0.3kg

Package Included:
1 X B50 Mini Ozone Generator
1 X User Manual

Ensure that the product only can be used in unoccupied space. It means no one (and also pets) in the room when ozone generator is working.
It is strictly forbidden for people/animals to stay in their rooms within 30 minutes after the machine works and closes down!