Hand Grip Strengthener Adjustable Resistance 11-132 Lbs Hand Gripper Exerciser Strengthen Grip Hand Squeezer Wrist Strengthener Hand Workout

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Adjustable 5-60 Kg Portable  Hand Fitness Grips Exerciser Portable Fitness Grip Strengthener Tool 
-Single hand power grip
-Sturdy and robust design
-5kg - 60kg adjustable range, You can adjust the strength tension from 5kg to 60kg by turning the black rotary knob.
-An excellent training tool that strengthens your hands, wrist and forearm.
-Small, exquisite, lightweight and portable, you can carry it with you to exercise anytime.
-Suitable for the elderly, the office crowd and sports enthusiasts.
-Multi-range adjustment, free grip: ABS engineering plastic, TPE grip, comfortable and smooth, stainless steel spring
Material: PP
Color: Black
Packaged included:
1* Hand Fitness Grip