Nylon rope mesh hammock portable simple hammock swing

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Name: nylon mesh hammock

Material: nylon rope

Size: 270*80CM

hammock Fabric size: 180cm*80cm 

Not suitable for height more than 180cm

Rope size: Both 35cm on both ends

Specifications: long 180CM long 35CM at each end of the bed diameter:

hoop iron hoop iron diameter 0.4CM diameter 4.75CM rope diameter is 0.3CM.


Bearing: 100KG Load

Weight: 230G

Red orange, Colors:, blue, green, red, green, red,


The net surface
1 of the bed body by a nylon rope net cloth production, not only to ensure robustness, but also easy to carry a hammock.

2 features: light and easy to carry, smooth and comfortable, strong and durable.