PET Aluminized Film Sleeping Bag Cover Emergency Survival Urgent Thermal Cold

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1. The first aid sleeping bag is made of aluminium foil.It has a metal coating on the surface.
2. The inner layer is a PE plastic film, which can reflect the heat back to the body in order to keep you warm.
3. Emergency sleeping bag is used in special circumstances like earthquake or outdoor distress.With this emergency sleeping bag can still keep away you from cold.
4. This bag is not a one-time-use bag. After each use, you should carefully fold it in order to use it again.


Color: Camouflage
Material: PE Aluminized Film
Product Size: 120 x 200cm/ 47.24 x 78.74in

Package Included:

1 x Emergency Sleeping Bag
1 x Survival Whistle

1 x Nylon Storage Bag

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